I can see that you like to take photo of interior structure. I am learning from your shots
24.Leanne Paranik(non-registered)
Pictures from this year's Rock-N-Rally tennis event capture every moment perfectly. Outstanding action shots. We appreciate your expertise and creativity! Beaver Valley Tennis Assn. thanks you!
22.robert bob lalas
Wow amazing i found unique pictures that will inspired me a lot to work hard. I just need to study more so i will become pro photographer just like you.
21.Lidija Brown(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning pictures. Speechless.
Fantastic job and an awesome wedding.
Great job, every shot holds something of interest. I don't think it could have been covered any better.
It's Kim from Circle K, your work is amazing!!!! Very nice work from a very talented man!
9.michael costello(non-registered)
Hey guy how ya doin? I do some hobby shooting and I live in Ellwood City. There was an image you had on your previous site that was on the ft pitt bridge around the interchanges. It had the overhead signs and the roads and the shot was toward town. I loved it and wanted to try to take a similar shot but didn't know and cant tell how ya got the perspective. was sondering if I could see the shot cause I dont think you have it posted in your gallery any longer. If you could let me know, cool. If you choose not to, fine also. Anyway, have a nice day and thank you. Michael (mikestuf on flickr) see ya
8.J.T. Engel(non-registered)
Simply the best!
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